Real-haptic artificial arm

Keio university Real-Haptic artificial arm

Replacing the function to perceive tactile force

UserNozaki Laboratory in Keio University 

Nozaki Laboratory HP:


It can transmit the force in both directions between the other body parts and the hand (tactile force transplantation). 

・Conventional artificial limbs are difficult to perform delicate work because the feeling of contact is not transmitted. 

・With Real-Haptics artificial limbs, you can get close to the feeling of contact with other body parts and perform intuitive and human-like actions! 

It is important to have good back drivability in order to feel the tactile force sensation realistically. 

One solution is to eliminate the deceleration structure as much as possible. 
It has become possible to achieve good back drivability by adopting a high torque 
μDD motor and reducing the reduction ratio. 

Adopted motor

  Model name Product name Remarks

with a gear

Hollow μDD motor with a low-speed rate gear

Outer diameter φ21mm
Resolution 36,000C/R
Max torque 0.84Nm

Inside the artificial arm

It is possible to perform intuitive and human-like actions by using μDD motor.