What is a hollow-shaft motor?

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1.What is Hollow-shaft motor?


3.Lineup of μDDmotors(Hollow shaft type)

1.What is a hollow-shaft motor?
  A hollow-shaft motor is the motor that has a through hole in the center.MDH4006(12)_3Dモデル v2.png

  Cable, air tubes lasers and so on are possible to penetrate the motor's hollow, so it is possible to save s space and improve an accuracy of the device.

3.Lineup of μDDmotors.

  We have a rich lineup of small hollow direct dorive motors. 


MDS/MDH-20 series

The smallest through- shaft servomotor in the world.

Perfect for end effector(hand,gripper,Zθ)with through-shaft.
It could be used for small hand in combination with low slowdown rate gear.

■Body diameter:φ21mm
■Body length:31.5/37.5/43.5mm
■Max torque :40/90/130mN・m
■Max speed:3,000rpm
■Max resolution:288,000P/R(edge count)、18bit
■Hollow diameter:φ2.6mm(MDH type)

MDS/MDH-30 series

Perfect for high-precise dispenser and small gimbal driving.

It is tapped in the hollow shaft,and penetrates the air tube by installing a rotary joint.

■ Body diameter: φ30mm 
■ Body length: 32/38/44mm

■ Max torque: 140/280/420mN・m
■ Max speed: 1000rpm
■ Max resolution: 432,000P/R(edge count)、19bit
■ Hollow diameter: φ4mm(MDH type)


Series of MDH-40 with larger internal diameter.
Internal diameter of φ12mm allows passing cable and laser etc.

■Body diameter:φ40mm
■Body length:31.5/37.5/43.5mm
■Max torque:0.33/0.70/1.0N・m
■Max speed:450rpm
■Max resolution:1,296,000P/R(edge count)
■Hollow diameter:φ12mm


Small-sized large bore hollow shaft.
Perfect for end effector and robot joint etc.

■Body diameter:φ60mm
■Body length:31.5/37.5/43.5mm
■Max torque:1.1/2.1/2.7N・m
■Max speed:300rpm
■Max resolution:2,000,000P/R(edge count)、20bit
■Hollow diameter:φ20mm


Small-sized large diameter hollow shaft.
Perfect for index table, It can be replaced with a rotary actuator, robot (correspond to elbow and shoulder.)

■Body diameter:φ70mm
■Body length:31.5/37.5/43.5mm
■Max torque:1.0/2.2/3.1N・m
■Max speed:200rpm
■Max resoution:2,592,000P/R(edge count)、21bit
■Hollow diameter:φ25mm