About μDDmotor(direct drive motor)

What is DD motor?
DDmotor is the servo motor that has high acceleration and positioning,
Which also specialized in using for gearless.

DDmotor has characterristics of low speed and high torque (compared to general servo motors) because this motor is assumed that it will drive directry without using a gear(a deceleration mechanism).

Its equipped sensor specialized in high-precision positioning, and It is possible to receive the shaft load directly by adopting high-load bearing as standard.

Advantages that can be generally obtained by using a gearless structure are described below.

DDモーター画像 Quietization
   This motor leads noise reduction since it has
        no vibraition sound.
 High precision
   It is possible to determine high precision
        positioning by eliminating a machanical error   
        due to backlash.
 Weight and spase saving 
 Improving acceleration
                                                                                     It is a characteristic that is advantageous when  
                                                                                   an operator provides tactile feedback for master-slave control.

What is μDDmotor?
 It’s the world`s smallest direct drive motor!


MTL has the strength unique to manufacturers specialized in a rotary encoder.

We have realized small sized and hollow shaping while retaining the goodness of the conventional DD motor.


High torque

About 5 times torque density
(compared to AC servo mortor as

Ultra compact size

The world`s smallest class
(compared to DD mortor as

Hollow shaft

Hollow late 35%
(it`s a top class in theservo
motor industry)

Product lineup


We have a rich lineup of small direct drive motors.

E_MD20.png E_MD40.png E_MD60.png E_MD70.png

The world's smallest in
a servo motor.
(the penetration shaft type)

New products that have high torque and
hollow rate 30% despite its small size.
Maximum outer dismeter
and hollow rate.

Case studies and customizing unique to μDDmotors

Double-armed robot
that transmits bodily sensations


It can share force tactile and visual information with a robot in a distant place in real time.
In the future, it will maybe become an avatar and be possible to directly teach not only location information but adjustment and visual information.

User:NEDO/Keio University Haptics Research Center
    Keio University Haptics Research Center


Tap in the hollow shaft μDD motor

This is a picture of proccesing a tap additionally into the hollow shaft of the MDH-30 series.
A rotary joint can be connected using a tap.
This is the best in rotational drive and fixation by sucking on index table, and it is also used in a end effector to transport small parts.


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