Indexable μDD motor

If you want to use a µDD motor on a flat surface, please contact us.
This is the best solution for you! Ideal for indexing, camera and laser gimbal applications!

Tapping in hollow shaft

M5 x 0.8 tap has been cut inside the hollow shaft of the MDH-30 series.
This tap can be used to connect a rotary joint.
It is best for end-effectors for transporting small parts, or for sucking up and fixing a workpiece on an index table + rotary drive.

Black anodized hollow shaft

The hollow shaft of the μDD motor can be changed to aluminum material and the surface can be anodized black.
This has the effect of suppressing laser reflection and can be used for laser light wavelength analysis equipment, etc.

Mounting Flangeless Custom

The flange can be machined up to the same diameter as the motor outer diameter.
The flange does not protrude even when placed at the elbow of a robot arm.

Shaft pinion gear machining

It is possible to optimize the fastening between the μDD motor and the machine element.
This leads to shortening the assembly time and downsizing around the motor.


Hollow bore enlargement

The standard inner diameter of the MDH-30 series is φ4mm, but we have fulfilled a customer's request for φ6mm!


Cylindrical flange

The square flange of the μDD motor can be made cylindrical to match the outer diameter of the motor case.
This is ideal for mounting on the elbow joint of a robot arm or on a narrow part.