Flangeless type μDDMotor

MDH-7018 取付フランジレス
注:Photo Above is MDH-7018 Flangeless Specifications(One Side Only)

  Rounded Robot Elbow

The standard version of the μDD motor features a flanged design with sharp corners. However, when this motor is placed at the elbow section of a robot arm, the flange corners protrude from the arm. To address this, the flange can be machined to the same diameter as the motor's outer diameter. This ensures that the flange does not protrude when the motor is positioned at the elbow of the robot arm. Additionally, the motor can be attached using tapped holes machined on the motor's side surface.

 Optimal for the elbow of a robotic arm

This customization is not only effective for robot arms but also
for narrow spaces, especially cylindrical mounting areas.


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