Black Almite

Customization of μDD Motor & Black Anodized Alumunium 

MDH(12)-4006 中空軸に黒アルマイト化
Note:The photo shows the black anodized shaft of the MDH (12)-4006 model.

Benefit of suppresing
laser light reflection

During wavelength inspection using laser light, it is possible to extract any desired wavelength by passing the laser light through the motor shaft and attaching a wavelength plate to the motor end face. However, when the inner wall surface of the shaft is silver, it reflects the laser light, causing difficulties in evaluation.

Therefore, by changing the motor shaft to aluminum material and applying black anodized treatment to the surface, it is possible to suppress the reflection of laser light.

※compared to the standard SUS material, there is a reduction in load-bearing capacity.


 Best Choise for
Laser Wavelength Measurement

This customization is not only suitable for measuring the
wavelength components of laser light but also effective for
polarization devices and other laser light equipment.


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