The MC-200 firmware has been upgraded to "Ver. 3.02.03".
 This firmware will be installed in the products delivered after April 24, 2021.
 The PC application "MTLParam" has also been uploaded to "2.8".
 The main changes are as follows
 ・Added alarm screen in PC application
 ・Enhanced digital I/O filter
  ▢ Supported software:MTLparam 2.8

Batch Download

※After updating from the old firmware to the new firmware,
be sure to check the operation and behavior of the motor.
Technical support is available, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Last updated on April 22, 2021

MC-200 series manual download
Category Download Contents Update
Firmware update procedure
MC-200 series 
How to update the firmware manual.

MTLParam2.10 (English translation ver.)
You can set parameters, command operations via USB, and monitor the status.
Firmware MC-200_v3_02_05 New firmware 2021/04/22
Specifications MC-200-7220▢  Small servo driver 2020/04/14
MC-200C-6018▢  Ultra small servo driver 2020/07/20
Manual MTLParam
Application manual_ver2.1
PC App manual 2021/04/22
Parameter Setting manual_ver1.3 
PC Setting manual 2021/04/22

USB Command Manual.
It is possible to control via USB with your own software.

MC-200C How to set up SPI communication How to set up the ultra-compact driver How to configure SPI 2020/11/09
MC-200 Series_SPI communication contents(ShortSPI)_ver1.4 SPI communication packet contents 2021/02/24
Reference data External pulse and digital input setting (position command) Setup Manual for Pulse Input and Digital I/O on MC-200-7220A 2020/11/01
MC-200 Series_Control Gain Related Documents_ver1.2 Descriptions of gain block diagrams, calculation formulas, etc. 2021/04/22
Analog input current control setting Setup Manual for Analog Command Current Control on MC-200-7220A 2020/06/15
Home Return Setting Method  Manual for setting the homing contents and command method 2020/11/01 
USB internal control Speed control setting method Manual for setting speed control via USB 2020/11/01 

Gearmotor Reference Specification





Reference Materials for Collaborative Amplifiers

24/48V Setting Manual

This is a reference manual that describes the connection and initial setting method of MR-J4W2-0303B6-MX940Jxx and μDD motor.

Download in bulk

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μDD motor  :Various new products
(including MD60, MDH(12)40)

MC driver:
products (including MD60, MDH(12)40)

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 Reference Specification

series unit detail
μDD motor
MDS-13 series MDS-13-B  absolute encoder
MD-20 series MD-20-E incremental encoder
MD-20-B  absolute encoder
MD-30 series MD-30-E incremental encoder
MD-30-B  absolute encoder
MD-40 series   MD-40-E incremental encoder
MD-40-B  absolute encoder
MDH(12)-40 series MDH(12)-40  incremental encoder
MDH-60 series MDH-60-E  incremental encoder
MDH-60-B absolute encoder
MDH-70 series MDH-70-E  incremental encoder
MDH-70-B absolute encoder
MC-200 series MC-200-7220  Compact servo driver made by MTL
MC-200C series MC-200C-6018  Ultra-compact servo driver made by MTL
option cable
Option cable CN1ケーブル(4.2)1M-TE Power cable for MC-200-7220
CN2屈曲ケーブル(4.2)__M  Common motor extension cable 
CN3屈曲ケーブル(4.2)__M  Common encoder extension cable
CN5ケーブル miniUSB cable 
Common motor collabo cable


Motor conversion cable for collaborations
(UVW wire common to all collaborations)
 Mitsubishi collabo cable  CN3屈曲ケーブル(4.2)0.2M-3M(J4)  For MR-J4-RJJ001 encoder conversion cable

CN3屈曲ケーブル(4.2)0.2M-TE(J4W2)  For MR-J4W2-0303B6 encoder conversion cable
Panasonic collabo cable CN3屈曲ケーブル(5.6)0.2M-JST(MINAS) Encoder conversion cable for MINAS A6L/A6BL (INCR) 
MFC簡易仕様書_ Encoder conversion board for MINAS A6L/A6BL (abs)
Nikkidenso collabo cable CN3屈曲ケーブル(4.2)0.2M-3M(VPH) For Nikki-Denso VPH Encoder conversion cable 

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