Small-sized Scalar robot that anyone can operate easily

(1) High precision 

The s
calar robot is capable of reproducibility of ± 2 μm.

(2) Gearless structure realizes Miniaturization and good back drive

Direct teaching is possible taking advantage of good back drive performance.

(3) Safety alarm function

If an external force exceeding the set value is applied to the slave side, the servo will be turned off by an alarm output, and the slave will stop safely.

It prevents strong accidental contact on the shaft of the slave and burning on the motor.

(4) Quietness

Since it has no gear sliding and vibration noise , there is almost no vibration noise.

Motor used in this case

  Model name Product name Remarks


Ultra small-sized hollow direct drive motor

Outer diameter φ21mm、Hollow diameter φ2.6mm

Resolution 144,000C/R
Max torque 130mNm


(Middle part)

Small-sized large diameter hollow direct drive moto

Outer diameter φ40mm、Hollow diameter φ12mm

Resolution 1,296,000C/R
Max torque 1Nm


(Base part)

Small-sized large diameter hollow direct drive motor

Outer diameter φ70mm、Hollow diameter φ25mm

Resolution 2,592,000C/R
Max torque 3Nm

High-precision positioning is easily possible by using μDD motor.