Ultra-small servo driver「MC-200C-6018」
Released April 2020

  MC-200C-6018◇ ◇→ Blank:I/F board not included, D:I/F board include
Supply power Rated DC48V(DC12V-5%~60V+5%)
Rated output current 3.5Arms
Peak output current(Less than 1 second) 18Arms  
Drive type Sine wave PWM drive(50kHz)
Drive method Position / speed / current control
Protection functions Overcurrent, overload, Overvoltage, undervoltage, encoder error
Communication functions USB2.0 micro-AB  parameter settiongs, status monitoring, command control
Speed position commands Planned to handle SPI, USB and soon 
Auxiliary signal inputs Servo ON, alarm, alarm reset
External dimensions 30×35×14(I/F board not include)、30×35×30max(I/F board include)
Mass 20g(I/F board not include)、30g(I/F board include)
Special Notes Main circuit (control circuit) non-insulator

Outer dimensions

MC-200C-6018(board not include)


MC-200C-6018D(board include)


Example of the connection


MC-200C Multi-axis



Cable options

Model Connection
CN2 bent cable(4.2)0.7M Motor cable:Extension between motor and driver (Total1m)
CN2 bent cable(4.2)2.7M Motor cable:Extension between motor and driver (Total3m)
CN2 bent cable(4.2)4.7M Motor cable:Extension between Motor and driver (Total5m)
CN3 bent cable(4.2)0.7M Encoder cable : Extension between motor and driver(Total1m)
CN3 bent cable(4.2)2.7M Encoder cable : Extension between motor and driver(Total3m)
CN3 bent cable(4.2)4.7M Encoder cable : Extension between motor and driver(Total5m)

※MC-200C CN1/CN4 connector cable and CN2/CN3 conversion connector cable are included.

Dedicated application MTLparam

 ◆ Parameter setting, status monitoring, command control are possible.
 ◆ The program function allows each drive control by a driver only.


Compatible operating system:Windows10 32bit/64bit:Windows10 32bit/64bit

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