A small servo driver 「MC-200-7220」 Released January 2020


About compatibility with MC-110

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June 15, 2020
Announcements about driver firmware update

MC-200 firmware has been upgraded to Ver.3.00.03. This firmware is installed for deliveries after June 17, 2020. Since there are many improvements such as shortening the control loop, farmware update is recommended.

【Main changes】
・SPI communication command position control function has been added
・Change of checksum calculation method for SPI communication
・Anti-weind-up control gain has been added
・Shortening control loop (MC-200-7220A)
 Analog current command to analog output: 0.1 to 0.2 msec
 Absolute encoder position output (pin.27/28) period: 1 to 2ms
▢ Compatible Software MTLparam2.2

  MC-200-7220□ □→Blank: USB, A:I/O, D:SPI
Supply power Rated DC48V(DC20V-5%~72V+5%)
Rated output current 3.5Arms
Peak output current(Less than 1 second) 20Arms
Drive type Sine wave PWM drive(50kHz)
Drive method Position・Speed・Current control
Protection functions Over current, overload, overvoltage, under voltage, heat,
encoder error, prevention by fuse
Communication functions USB2.0 mini-B parameter settings, status monitoring, command control
Speed position commands driver:Maximum 2.5MHz(multiplied by 1)
forward-reverse pulse train method/direction method, two-phase pulse method
Torque commands Voltage command(-5 to +5V)12bit
Auxiliary signal inputs Servo on, alarm reset, Gain switch, zero point return,
other general-purpose inputs
Signal outputs Positioning completed, alarm, analog monitor output (current/speed/position difference)
Absolute:RS422 ASCII code、binary code)
Command method I/O, SPI, USB and other soon
External dimensions 132×67.2×25mm
Mass 160g

Outer dimensions

MC-200-7220A(I/O) ※The outer shape is common to all types


Example of the connection



Example of the use





Cable options

Model Connection
CN1 cable(4.2)1M-TE Between power and driver(1m)
CN2 bent cable(4.2)0.7M Motor cable:Extension between motor and driver (Total1m)
CN2 bent cable(4.2)2.7M Motor cable:Extension between Motor and Driver(Total3m)
CN2 bent cable(4.2)4.7M Motor cable:Extension between motor and driver(Total5m)
CN3 bent cable(4.2)0.7M Encoder cable : Extension between motor and driver(Total1m)
CN3 bent cable(4.2)2.7M Encoder cable : Extension between motor and driver(Total3m)
CN3 bent cable(4.2)4.7M Encoder cable : Extension between motor and driver(Total5m)
CN5 cable USB2,0 cable with ferrite core : Between PC and driver(1m)

※Please prepare the CN4 connector cable of the MC-200 by the user.

Schematic chart of system configuration


Dedicated application MTLParam                                                                                                                                                                             

 ◆ Parameter setting, status monitoring, command control are possible.
 ◆ The program function allows each drive control by a driver only.


Compatible operating system:Windows10 32bit/64bit

Software,Manual and CAD can be downloaded

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