High-Performance Design
: Compact yet high torque and high precision.
Optimized for Robots: High backdriveability and battery-operable.
Customization and Integration: Support diverse needs with a wide range of customizations and options.

・Base Axis of Robot Arms (High Rigidity/High Torque/Hollow)
・AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Wheels (High Rigidity/High Torque/Battery-Powered)
・Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (High Torque/Hollow/High Resolution)

  • Diameter:φ100mm
  • Body Length:70mm
  • Max. Torque:10N・m以上
  • Max. Speed:300rpm
  • Max Resolution:21bit
  • Hollow Diameter:φ40mm

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型式 MDH-10018
L1寸法 70

Speed・Torque Characteristic



The maximum rotational speed is limited by the encoder's response frequency. It is possible to further expand the speed range by reducing the encoder resolution.

  Unit MDH-10018
Supply Voltage (Driver Input) DCV 24/48/70 (※1)
Max Rotational Speed (※2) rpm 300
Rated Rotational Speed rpm 200
Instantaneous Max Torque Nm 10以上
Continuous Stall Torque Nm 3.0
Continuous Rated Torque Nm 3.0
Instantaneous Max Output W 104
Instant Max Power Rate kW/s 9.1
Instantaneous Max Current Arms 19
Cont. Rated Current (※3) Arms 2.9
Induced Voltage Constant V/krpm 0.109
Equ. Torque Constant (at 25℃) Nm/Arms 1.06
Armature Resistance (at 25℃) Ω 3.3
Armature Inductance mH 8.2
Rotor Poles P 20
Encoder Maximum Resolution (※4) P/R Incremental:TBD
Inertia Moment J kg・cm^2 6.69
Permissible Radial Load Fr N 1,000
Permissible Axial Load Fa N 500
Permissible Moment Nm 32.2
Repetitive Positioning Acc. Pulse ±1
Mass kg 1.98
Recommended Driver   MC-200-7220▢/MC-200C-6018▢
Standard Heatsink   300×300×15 アルミ

(※1) Please inquire for changes in instantaneous maximum torque when used with 24V or 48V.
(※2) Please inquire if you have specific rotational speed requirements.
(※3) Continuous rated current is measured when the motor is mounted with the standard heatsink at an ambient temperature of 40℃.
(※4) Please inquire if you have specific resolution requirements.


 Manufacturer Model Interface Power Supply Features
MTL MC-200-7220A Pulse Seq, USB DC24/48V/70V Compact General-Purpose
MC-200-7220D SPI、USB DC24/48V/70V Compact General-Purpose
MC-200C-6018D SPI、USB DC24/48V Ultra-Compact
*1: Users are responsible for providing the CN4 connector cable for MC-200-7220A (Connector Model: 10136-3000 PE).
*2: CN1/CN4 connector cables and CN2/CN3 conversion connector cables are included with MC-200C.

Optional Features







How to Request Repairs

Regarding Warranty Coverage

Within the specified warranty period, if a malfunction occurs due to our responsibility, we will provide free repairs or free replacement of the product in question. Please note that the warranty covers the delivered product only, and any expenses related to replacement work (such as labor costs) and damages are not within our responsibility.

Cases Where Warranty Does Not Apply

If the inspection reveals that the issue is not a product malfunction but rather a result of improper handling or external factors, the service will be chargeable even during the warranty period.

Warranty Period

Within one year from the date of first use (however, within 1.5 years from the date of delivery).